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This is just a blog dedicated to whatever needs to be spoken up about and things that people are afraid to say...... Get ready Hi Dolls :).
My name Is Joi and I'm 17 and African American ooh yeeaaa ;D.I'm outgoing and super talkative and the nicest person you will ever meet BUT! Don't mistake my generosity nor me for a type: Sucka. I'm just letting you know to stay on my good side because I will put you on blast okay :D. I'm a music lover to the fullest and best believe if you see me my head is bobbin whit my gummis in my ear. I'm not high maintenance or cocky but I am confident in myself but naturally pessimistic. Chances are you'll catch me with a smile on my face because I choose not to let 5 minutes run 24 hours. Guess what? I freakin love Mickey D's, yes Mc'Donalds <3. I'd rather eat that or taco bell than go to some high class restaurant any day :D. Overall I just created to this blog to voice my opinions on certain things that could potentially cause problems on Fb or something. Feel totally free to ask me anything or hmu. And of course I follow back :). Tadaaaa.

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